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John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing us Down – Connection of Everything


Hey, how are you? It’s Alan from Looking for Warriors. I don’t want to go to this first chapters of John Taylor Gatto book, “Dumbing Us Down”. Now interesting, this is very interesting part of the book is just really exciting. The first chapter is about the seven lesson school teacher there that you think your kids are learning by the way, there’s seven school teacher that was telling you what the type of school teaching in years and this isn’t the type of school teacher he is, he’s playing the part of a normal school teacher and showing what a normal school teacher teaching is. He was an exceptional school teacher but he’s playing the parts of it. So it’s the seven lessons, I’m not gonna go through, I’m not gonna say what the seven lessons are, if you want to read the book or buy the book, download free Audible, you can get the link on the list video, you can download for free Audible, so if you want to see the lessons then just buy the book so I’m not gonna cover each lesson, so it’s not my job here, my job is I’m doing grammar logic and rhetoric for this book so I can learn the book better, so the grammar is the facts, read the book, you know the facts, logic is you take the ideas out, check them other ideas in the world on the web these days is where you’d normally do that, you check other ideas on the web and then rhetoric is to put it back into the world somehow teach someone else make a presentation whatever I’m doing a YouTube video so that’s the rhetoric part of it.

So a new grammar logic and rhetoric with this book, it’s great book, now the several essence is a bit where I know and I said, I’m gonna go through some of the lessons but I would formally say what the most important meaningful lesson to me was which was disconnection which I think that’s where all the modern school system is all about disconnection and he goes true all the subjects he does, I’m not gonna just pass them off here because I don’t remember about but he goes true you know we’d visits from people, we have bells, we have you know Matt’s English, lots of different subjects, all disconnected subjects and that there’s no connection between us which weren’t you just there’s huge connections between all the subjects for an example English and three different subjects do connecting with each other and obviously business and Matt’s and but there is connections between everyone on the earth, it’s the way it works and the school systems teaching disconnection but not only that disconnection of subjects in this connection of importance of avoidance but also teaching disconnection from the family that, so disconnection from the parents one disconnection from one another of importance of what you’re working on and also disconnection form the family that you seek your evaluation on.

This is another lesson but guess we’re doing a connection with it’s to lessen lead, take your evaluation from an expert rather than your parents or yourself, it should begin with your parents, you know small child sex evaluation, that is why, parenting is very important especially the first few years and then eventually from yourself. The way he’s saying is that’s the way all philosophical ideas have worked for 500 years and from Socrates know thyself, evaluate yourself, understand yourself, know like self and beyond all the other philosophical ideas all being about self evaluation to evaluate yourself whereas he’s in the school system is telling people to disconnect from that you don’t evaluate yourself, you will get your evaluation from experts as well. There’s a one that spoke to me the most because it is so true and the current child connects your family connection of community, connection of your country, connection of your good bonds, these are all things that are really important, we’ve been pushed out of this connection, this will be pushed into disconnection, disconnection of all subjects, do I tear everything in nature connects and the way nature and knowledge connects, the way science connects with nature and knowledge, it’s all connection and we’ve been pushed away from disconnection, this is what he’s talking about here now, I’m paraphrasing a lot of them adding my own information, my own understanding in, so if you want to get John Taylor Gatto’s stuff which is genius, get the book but this is just my evaluation of what I took out of it and as my own bits pieces and second point of dimension was its all hooked into that. What the human being a human heart, our human soul seeks in connection, humans seek connection, whether that’s someone you’re neighbors, family, your bonds connection, how you connect to other people human beings seek that connection, they don’t seek disconnected facts and can be useful, scientific methods useful getting facts together. Allah is useful but that’s not like you, the human soul desires doesn’t disconnect facts, it desires connection.

So what he saying is, it gives his lessons violation and natural order things, so he’s teaching kids that the natural order is not right and we need to violate what the natural order of things are and then it goes through like, take a look, listen to the book or read the book to get more information about that we suffered the violations are the natural order things that really spoke to me and its so correct. School system ears expect disconnection about its violations but telling you that the natural order is not right, natural of family, natural for a child, natural order of taking your guidance from inside as in Jesus would have said, “the kingdom of heaven is inside you”, so it’s taking your orders from inside yourself, the natural order of connection between man and woman, natural connection of pain, fire and joy, which has been torn apart near society connection, so all of those points is the forestry points and they’re all really about collecting connection and meaning is about connection, meaning in life is about connection that’s why people have taken their lives, no meaning, it’s a meaning life about connection and the natural order is about connection between people and connection between subjects and information and facts here are interconnected, that’s where the meaning coming from, that’s where how you’re gonna wake up in the morning excited to start your day whatever job you’re doing and jumping out of bed and wanting to work on enjoying yourself, get paid for yes when you spend a lot of time working, why not enjoy what you’re doing now.

He gave seven different lessons now, I’m calling some of these things that spoke to me but its full enough that all things to me, they’re all interconnected really because they’re all about connection, so what is meaningful people because to talk about. What is meaningful to people is learning one subject in depth, if you are a great footballer, lets take an example, David Beckham, he would have been here in the park, take a free kick, where is that free kick out of free kick, learning the art of football, you could have set him listen, you know quite a bit about football now but you don’t know much about physics so its time to learn a bit about physics, you know enough about something about football, they are already that would have been stupid saying you pass, you say the one he needs to do is learn in depth football because that’s what he loves, same with the great artist why Bob Dylan, well if someone’s came to Bob Dylan to say you really got to write music, you really go to playing the harmonica but you don’t know much about quadratic equations so now you should learn a bit about quadratic equations so you learn all that topics. So what John Taylor Gatto telling was saying is school teaching jargon from many different subjects. Nothing to the connection between subjects are never gone meaningfully going in depth into any specific subject, particularly subjects where the child is excited about in depth and that one subjects Charles excited about italians what school doesn’t do. School teaching disconnection and also teaching general jargon from many subjects then the other thing was really important because this is also a bit disconnection right away and these if somebody is that I haven’t do some seven lessons that I’m not even gonna mention or just mentioned wasn’t meant something to me, but you know was about class, he said, I teach kids what class they’re in, so that means, are they smart? But the smart kids are headed with the dumb kids, I leave in between what class they’re in and how they can move from one class to another but said generally if you’re pulling to a class, you don’t change that class for the whole time to I’m teaching people that they are in different class and its very interesting to me that the word class in a school is very similar, exactly the same to the word class as in your societal class as in hidden caste system as in teaching kids what the hidden caste system is and where they are in the hidden caste system class. What class you’re in I think.

One thing, that made America great when it was grace, was there no class? You could go over there with no money and become one of the richest people on the people because there was no class, nobody cared what class you were in, people only really cared what you could do so if you’re willing to work were able to do whatever you wanted to in America because there was no class but the school system is there now and it did their teaching class there and now as well, as well as the caste system, you know England brought the caste system to India with a lot of England, you know the English aristocracy brought the caste system to India and class systems are all over the world now because it’s been exported pretty much by the British Empire but it’s interesting in that but in America didn’t have any kind of classes of a long time and I really didn’t as well a little bit of England but for the most part no and maybe because at one time even know that was poor one and really malleable when we broke into that – we remained that we kept some of that no class little bit obviously but that wasn’t as ingrained as it was in places like UK or India or a lot of other places like everyone. There were one class completely wiped out your class so its a class system, he’s saying the school seating system is teaching a class system right from the start or a caste system and once you teach a small child that as situation would say, give me the child, I’ll give you back to man, when you see the small child, there is a class system and that’s ingrained in our unconscious, its very different than break out of that later on so it’s time but that’s not a really important point that jumped in to me and classes are left bits into meaning and connection as well because connection a class system.

The connection between human beings voice see you as a different class, I’m not seeing you, I don’t see you as you are as a specific class so just that’s a really important part of it, you know it’s out there different class systems, you know another part and this again, this is about connection, its about disconnection, nothing is ever finished when the bell goes, you drop everything and you go, there’s nothing important enough to be finished so you don’t have to get excited about scientific thing. I’m doing a video right now, I’m really excited about doing this video and I’m gonna do ’till its finished, I don’t care how many what bells go off, I don’t care about phone rings what happens to this videos getting finished because I really cared about this but what are you saying is that in school, you’re taught that nothing is important enough, nothing is more important than a bell if that bell goes off then you drop everything and go, there’s nothing more important than that, so you be teaching kids with bells that nothing is really downpours. Don’t get too excited but I need scientific things because when the bell goes, you have to drop it and start something else really interesting, we all know this is true by the way, maybe we do, tell me the comments, do we know this is true? I feel I really feel that everything that John Taylor Gatto says is true and what makes him genius is that he’s saying stuff its like Jordan Peterson that we do all know deep down but when he says it seems completely new in your unconscious, you’re saying yes I knew, but consciously he’s saying in a way that seems completely new but it does make sense and maybe it doesn’t tell me.

So last few things when at the Municipal Court but he’s also talking about you teach the child, you have to teach the child that the teachers agenda is the important thing and he says it’s not even to teach to Jim because not the teachers agenda is being taught, it’s a faceless bureaucrat, there’s never meant to charge those nothing about the chance never ever as doesn’t probably even know Charles name is gonna set the agenda so that’s teaching the child that experts will set the agenda for you do not need to think for yourself or set your own agenda or think about your own agenda in life phases. Experts will set your agenda for you and we’re coming to a time of automation where there is no work anymore, just no work, the only thing to be done when the full automation comes in is what a human being was made to do, create beautiful things and once the automations don’t, there’s no work that someone else can give you anymore so no it can’t be a truck driver, it’s someone else gonna tell you, you’re gonna be a truck driver, it can’t be a bus driver, you can’t becoming a lot of automation, you can’t be an accountant, a lot of accountancy jobs are mostly gone, you can’t be a solicitor, a lot of that can be automated, laws that can be automated with blockchain technology that can be filled into it so whatever job you teach, you’re gonna get like travel agents have found that over the last few years, me as a web developer filtered with over the last few years, I was very skilled web developer and within 10 years, all the skills that I learned were completely up sleeves because technology has moved on and the skills who would don’t really go there. I spent a long time learning or completely useless and so travel agents have found that the music industry is found that government may find that very soon. Schools are gonna find out, I help someone work there, I will do what help schools find out everything is becoming obsolete, you learn more in the internet, you can learn on it. Go by going school, a lot more but watching YouTube if you want to know, you could watch cat videos, people playing Minecraft but you can learn all the worlds if you’ve Netflix, if you’ve YouTube, if you have an internet connection, you can get all the worlds information and you can also get a lot of degree program courses from the degree programs without doing the final exam, you can get a lot of information from degree programs, that’s just from the internet so everything is becoming obsolete.

So when you’re teaching kids that they don’t need to think about their agenda that an expert will tell them what they should do, that is completely obsolete for the world were coming in to, we’re coming into that kids agenda is very critical, that kid wants to create something beautiful in this world that is everything and that is where we’re coming from that people will see people creating beautiful things and they’re gonna be people who are revered you can even see it now, people like John Taylor Gatto, people like Jordan Peterson, how much money is Jordan Peterson making from putting his lectures online just creating beautiful things, that’s all he’s doing there, you might say that its just talking, there’s so much money by just creating beautiful things online, he’s giving all away for free but he still does making a lot of money, so it’s his agenda, if he, Jordan Peterson, waited for other people to tell him what his agenda should be what would he be doing now and that school were teaching kids that wait for an expert to tell you what your agenda is because their agenda is set by turning, you mean the curriculum is set face a bureaucrat who’s never met them doesn’t who they are.

And one last thing, it’s gone too long. One of the lessons we really got the childs self-esteem and the parents self-esteem of the child should be based on the evaluation of an expert or maybe not the teacher but it should be a valuation of an expert, so it might not be faceless but their self-esteem should be a evaluation of an expert so in other words the expert will tell them how good they should feel about themselves and down to the last percentage point how happy they should be and how happy the parent should be with that, so the parent doesn’t know who they are but needs to get this report to tell them exactly how happy or upset, it should be with the child and this is teaching them for later on that your evaluation itself is to be based on outside experts not on yourself, again it goes back to the philosophy, the Socrates everything else of no-like-self, so it’s turning down on the head is turning everything all ways of being right upside down but your self-esteem should based on the evaluation of experts and not from your own knowing yourself are knowing your child.

Again, connection, the connection with your child, you know your child, you shouldn’t need an expert to tell you how happy or upset you should be with that child, you should know. So its Alan from Looking for Warriors just come to the first chapter, amazing book by Jon Taylor Gatto, Dumbing us Down. Absolutely amazing book. Obviously I’ve said before it only focusing on the problems, I will be searching for solutions and I will be talking with solutions too but lets go to this book which is focusing only on problems right now. If you want the book, I think everyone should listen to read this book, you can get it for free in Audible, I think there’s a link below, you know from Amazon also, links are underneath as well. Take a look there, you can download and listed to it yourself. This is the read for yourself and or just order from Amazon and I get it send over to you whatever works best for you but I think everyone or anyone who has a child or any interest in education should have read this book.


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