November 7

Teach your children to think

In the previous blog posts, we have talked about Classical Agile Learning. On what it is and how to do it. This time around, we are going to be discussing its advantages. And the major benefit you get from doing Classical Agile Learning is that when you do this, you teach your children to think.

The problem with the current school system is that it does not teach our kids how to think.

Why? This is how it works. The children are given information and are told that all these info are facts. You don’t need to think about how they came to be, you just need to memorize them. And then how you get rewarded for doing a job well done is you regurgitate all these information back up in a test. If you get a high score, you are smart and you pass with flying colors. If you don’t, you are told to study more and do a better job next time. And what’s wrong with this system is it creates pressure to our kids.

But then the choice is yours. Your children can choose to go to school. There is no problem with that. What I suggest is you spend just 20 minutes of your time with them. This 20 minutes can be all it takes to undo the damage that the current school system has done to them. This will teach them to start thinking for themselves and be more inquisitive.


Teach your children to think

Why do children need to think for themselves?

Number one is they choose. It’s all about giving them a choice on what they want to learn. They choose what they want to do and they choose what they want to learn. You give them options but ultimately, they choose what they do.

Basing on the Classical Education, you tell your kids to find the facts. You don’t feed it to them. Instead, you tell them to find the facts and that brings us to number two.

Number two is logic. To think about how everything fits together. One way to execute this is to create a mind map. Lay out all the facts and opinions they found in the mind map and determine how everything fits together. It’s interactive and a brain exercise and it could be really fun to do it together.

Number three is rhetoric and this is the part that really gets them to think. Tests will not be needed then because we have rhetoric. And what rhetoric means is just putting all the information they learned back out into the world. Like teaching someone else. If they can teach someone else, explain it well and make that someone understand what they have learned, then that is all the validation you need that your child has learned.

Classical Agile Learning is very helpful for your growing child. Make an effort to have it with them.

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Are home schooled

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