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Know Thyself – Kolbe Test and The Understand Myself Test

I wanted to talk about something that John Taylor Gatto talks about Know Thyself, not just yourself. It is important for kids, now that I’ve done the Jordan Peterson personality test, I’ve done the Colby test, and I’ve also done past altering your past and your future and I’ve done all of them. I think…

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John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing us Down – Connection of Everything

Hey, how are you? It’s Alan from Looking for Warriors. I don’t want to go to this first chapters of John Taylor Gatto book, “Dumbing Us Down”. Now interesting, this is very interesting part of the book is just really exciting. The first chapter is about the seven lesson school teacher there that you think…

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Udemy Review: Systems automation delegation overview

Hey there, it’s Alan from Looking for Warriors, and I want you to take you to true enterprise systems over right here. Entrepreneurship systematize automate and delegate. You know I decided to do these videos because I absolutely love it and I use it all the time. Now, its real free market so the fact…

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Children love to learn

Children love to learn. Kids are naturally curious and this is a sign that they are interested in the things that they are curious about. Indulge your kids We often take their questions of why’s and how’s as annoying. But what we should really do is be patient with them and answer their questions to…

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Spend time with your kids

Spend time with your kids. I couldn’t emphasize it much better but spend time with your kids. Don’t neglect them and say to yourself that you are too busy with work. Work is always there. Your kids won’t stay young forever. They grow up every day. Don’t wait for the day when you will regret…

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