Why Am I Doing These Posts?

I wanted to give you a little bit of background about why I’m doing these videos. Why it’s important to me because I did okay. I didn’t get into college after school. And from society from everywhere, what I was told was, well, your life is over now. Your life is completely over. You didn’t…

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A skill kids don’t learn at school

I said a little bit about reading already. I’m going to say some more. Now something happens when you read. You should be reading to them, maybe even younger. I don’t know, but I’ve done both. I have read from an early age and also not read from an early age with different children. Now…

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Skills Kids Don’t Learn at School

There were talking about a number of things that were useful for kids to learn. One. I was talking about typing super, super important to someone reading. Third thing, which is Photoshop. I’ve been teaching my own kids for a shop. Now we are in a pandemic right now. So I’m working from home, which…

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