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Why Am I Doing These Posts?

I wanted to give you a little bit of background about why I’m doing these videos. Why it’s important to me because I did okay. I didn’t get into college after school. And from society from everywhere, what I was told was, well, your life is over now. Your life is completely over. You didn’t…

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A skill kids don’t learn at school

I said a little bit about reading already. I’m going to say some more. Now something happens when you read. You should be reading to them, maybe even younger. I don’t know, but I’ve done both. I have read from an early age and also not read from an early age with different children. Now…

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Skills Kids Don’t Learn at School

There were talking about a number of things that were useful for kids to learn. One. I was talking about typing super, super important to someone reading. Third thing, which is Photoshop. I’ve been teaching my own kids for a shop. Now we are in a pandemic right now. So I’m working from home, which…

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Know Thyself – Kolbe Test and The Understand Myself Test

I wanted to talk about something that John Taylor Gatto talks about Know Thyself, not just yourself. It is important for kids, now that I’ve done the Jordan Peterson personality test, I’ve done the Colby test, and I’ve also done past altering your past and your future and I’ve done all of them. I think…

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John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing us Down – Connection of Everything

Hey, how are you? It’s Alan from Looking for Warriors. I don’t want to go to this first chapters of John Taylor Gatto book, “Dumbing Us Down”. Now interesting, this is very interesting part of the book is just really exciting. The first chapter is about the seven lesson school teacher there that you think…

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