November 10

Children love to learn

Children love to learn. Kids are naturally curious and this is a sign that they are interested in the things that they are curious about.


Indulge your kids

We often take their questions of why’s and how’s as annoying. But what we should really do is be patient with them and answer their questions to quench their thirst for knowledge.

If you have read my blogs the last few days, you will learn that I have talked about Classical Agile Learning.  And in them, I talked about setting aside at least 20 minutes a week to spend with your kids. In these 20 minutes, you can teach them anything you want them to learn. And you will be the one deciding on what those topics will be about.

Children love to learn

There will be times that your children will request something that they would want to do. May that be drawing, singing, watching videos, playing a game, or reading a book. Indulge them. Take these requests a sign that they are interested in those things. That they like to learn more about it.

Remember that your children love to learn.

And you have the responsibility to aid them to reach their potentials. Trust me, spending 20 minutes a week or more with them will make a huge difference.

Want to learn more about classical agile learning? Check out my previous blogs and watch my videos. I hope you learn something from me.

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Why Am I Doing These Posts?

Why Am I Doing These Posts?
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