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Udemy Review: Systems automation delegation overview


Hey there, it’s Alan from Looking for Warriors, and I want you to take you to true enterprise systems over right here. Entrepreneurship systematize automate and delegate. You know I decided to do these videos because I absolutely love it and I use it all the time. Now, its real free market so the fact is that anybody can put a course on Udemy and they’re not expense but they do take time to go to the courses so your time is valuable so its important to, I’ve got hundreds of courses because I like yours and it is someone whom have been away some time and that’s something really amazing like I’m gonna really pushed me forward like you know the business that I’m doing my job forward and they’ve really helped so what I want to do is cut you the clutter, let you know which ones are really useful, which ones are not useful, just giving you my experience around Udemy courses and hopefully will help you if I say, a course is terrible that it still might be good course for you and I’ll mention that when I’m talking about the courses but I want to go through and point the courses and some of them have been just brilliant for me and some of them helped me enough and I want to give you my experience.

So the first course will go through is entrepreneurship systems automation delegation from a great guy his name is Tom Carson Knowles, hopefully I got the name correctly, now, great guy, a lot of respect, let me just say this for us because I’m not gonna say a lot of really good things about this course, I’m afraid, but let me just say this first, I really respect the personality, I really respect them, he’s obviously done, I respect people who do something, get something done, so a lot of people have seen infront of TV, do whatever complain, they never do anything in their life and I respect people who work there and get something done, I’ve just so much respect for some thing like that and Tom is that kind of person, so much respect for him in that way. Now also keep in mind about this course that he says himself from the course, of course not finished. So just 2018, if you’re looking this course in 2019, it maybe different for I’m saying here but I’m giving you my perspective of how I experienced the course but it could be different, he’s gonna add on to it and it could be a whole new areas in in the whole course and it’s 2019-2020, who knows, so this is 2018 when I’m recording this.

I did this course because I’m really interested in the area of systems, business systems automation delegation interested, I think that is one thing that if you are someone who wants it as Steve Jobs says “Make a dent in the universe, makes things happen in the world”, you have to learn about systems, you have to learn about automation delegation because that’s going to allow you to have a much bigger impact what you learn these things because you have much bigger impact on the world. Now to get through the review, you know he’s a good guy, a great guy, he’s put you a lot of good effort into this course and I really appreciate that to get through my review. Where is the systems? There’s no systems, the course is caught the first word in the course, a country of course, there’s no systems. I’ve gone right to the whole thing and I really want to know just a little information about me, I’m really interest in systems, it sums up like David Jennings, I’ve read all the ebook under the other unit books, I’ve read some carpenters books, I saw a carpenter book and book the system, I joined some carpenters coaching program, I’m read all about David Jennings, everything you do around systems, I just wanted everything about systems and that’s why I got partially why I got this course and because I just want to, even whether a Udemy course, I don’t expect that every time because I read a lot so I don’t expect that everything in the course can be new necessarily and I’m happily to spend the money on Udemy course if I can get one or two really good nuggets that make it difference to me that I haven’t seen before, that’s enough for me then, it’s worth my while, I didn’t get that the book systems, and I’ve gone through it and I’m gonna give a detailed review of the system section and about the other sections but there’s no systems,, you know, he tells you to get you cleared trying off, okay, that’s good advice but you’ve heard it before and it tells to tells you have to do what you whatever you have to to do what is required for your business so do whatever it takes okay and I’ll get that, you do have to do whatever it takes, makes sense and as far as systems are concerned and I’ll give them more detail about this later on I sort of make this quick video but around systems, you said make a mind map, okay that’s good, but there’s no detail and I want to know how to pull it and again, a step by step system, step 1 there, step 2 is there, step 3 is this, step 4 is this, so I know how to can do that and have a step by step system and I can go, I get someone else, I’ve got this step by step system here, anyone can do it just like McDonalds’s have, that’s what I want, that’s the want to be able to build and I liked this course might give me a little bit of more information that how to build that, it didn’t, I did consider, I was very disappointed that I did consider it just asked for the refund, just remember, if a course isn’t what you wanted to be, they’ll be able to give you a refund, no problem, just ask for a refund here, you know, I did consider saying well, you know Tom is a real guy and he might add more to the course later on and I personally like him, like you know, he’s out there doing something and it seems like good guys and I like it.

It’s a really good interview at the end bu the sales were going grant cardone, which Grand Cardone has its excitement in his voice, he really has excitement and he’s a great guy and I just don’t feel that the same excitement is in the course and if Grant Cardone did the course, you know, Tom is young guy, he’s younger than me and he’s gonna have to do some, so I don’t want to, I don’t want to. I would like to encourage that I think that he’s pretty brilliant but the course isn’t just a lot of information that we pretty much get all our places, that’s my little problem with it and he is a publishing guy, so if you’re publishing, if you’re writing books, if you’re an author, he’s probably the guy to deal with, I’m not and doesn’t say its systems for publishers you know, he post some job posts and he said you get your writer, you know editors and whatever that’s great but I’m not a writer and doesn’t say this course is specifically for writers which I would say if you’re writer, this is probably your guy but if you’re not a writer and you’re looking for systems on the business this is not right the course for you so I have to be honest even though I like Tom but going through the course and watching videos seems a good guy but it has to be honest about the course as well and its probably not the right course a bit of the great systems. If you are an author, I don’t think you’re gonna be a huge mentor but you will get something out of it, so maybe even not for an author, Tom is your guy and I don’t know if this course is exactly right for you but maybe some I haven’t seen what else Tom still maybe some units of Tom Carson Knowles is right for you so if you allow it, maybe try it – but this course, if you run the business, this course is not gonna give you any special insight. Now having said that maybe well for you, maybe you haven’t read it yeah, I’ve read a lot of stuff around systems and maybe that’s kind of ruined me a little bit ever I think a lot of his record stated stuff, you know, maybe by get both the systems you get the systems for free and from some carpenters aside maybe take a look some JB Channing’s stuff and really good books across, try in Inaudible redeemed books and also great books and is for our work week of course, fo our work, we use it good to learn but I think from those books and those other people, you’re gonna learn a lot in there from time right now and maybe later on that’ll be different right now, that’s just the case and I don’t want to say that because Tom is a good guy book, but I had to be honest about my experience in the course that was my experience so it’s kind of dissapointed. So it’s Alan here from Looking for Warriors and I’m bringing it to the Udemy course of entrepreneurship systems automation delegation.


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