November 3

Classical Agile Learning Blueprint Outline

Classical Agile Learning Blueprint Outline:

We will talk about structure today. What do you do? How do you do Classical Agile Learning with your kids?

The point with this Classical Agile Learning is to get in touch with your inner voice. In this technique, you are obliged to teach your kids based on what you are. It is all about connections. It’s all about who you are on a deeper level. Teach your kids what you think are essential for them to learn. Think about what you wanted to learn when you were young and teach those important lessons to them.

There is so much that kids aren’t learning these days because there are problems with the current school system. And as you already have read, the very problem with the current education system is they don’t teach our children how to think. Classical Agile Learning is where you come in to teach them that. To teach them how to think and reason and question stuff.

Classical Agile Learning Blueprint Outline

Creating a “blueprint” for this learning system is something that is not concrete. It isn’t concrete because the content of this blueprint will depend on you, on what you want to impart to your kids.

For example, I want to teach my kids property rights because it is very important to the western world. It’s what made the western world what it is and so I want even my 6-year-old kid to know about it as early as possible. I don’t usually teach them the complicated stuff, I make it simple and understandable.

So it’s really up to you to pick what topics to discuss. Maybe tell a story or let them watch videos on youtube or on Netflix. There are so many materials you can use to further be interactive with your kids. The important thing is you just really have to make the time and effort to teach them.

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Why Am I Doing These Posts?

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