November 2

Problem with the Current School System


Looking back, you can probably think that you had the best time of your life when you were in school. I thought of mine but it wasn’t a very nice period of my life. You are placed in isolation. You can’t leave, you can’t not go, and also, you can’t choose what you are going to do for the day. Kids can’t choose what they want to learn. You are not given a choice and it’s not perfect at all. This, I think, is what the problem with the current school system.

What is the problem with the current school system?

Problem with current school system

Every school has a fixed curriculum, curriculums that were written and made by people who do not know you. And when you go to school, you need to learn these things. And you need to take them to heart and remember them. This is what I would call an “educational bulimia”, where you take it all down and you chew it back up in a test again. A lot of this stuff are facts. And while, yes, you need to learn them, sometimes kids are forced to memorize a lot of these facts and are taught not to question them. And these oftentimes lead to stop the kids’ thinking. All of the major subjects have already been established, there is no need for more thinking, just learn them and remember them. It stops the kids’ critical thinking and that is a problem.

What the problem with the current school system is it does not teaches kids to think. It just teaches them to take in information and are taught not to question them as they are facts.

What the world needs are kids with intuition and common sense. Those who can ask questions and think about the answers they are given. Those who can reason and understand logical fallacies and can argue.

Is it just me, or don’t you think so?



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Why Am I Doing These Posts?

Why Am I Doing These Posts?
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