April 26

Know Thyself – Kolbe Test and The Understand Myself Test


I wanted to talk about something that John Taylor Gatto talks about Know Thyself, not just yourself. It is important for kids, now that I’ve done the Jordan Peterson personality test, I’ve done the Colby test, and I’ve also done past altering your past and your future and I’ve done all of them. I think your kids need to do some of this, certainly the Colby test, the personality test, Jordan Peterson’s stuff, I don’t know what age you’re supposed to be, maybe makes them all for kids, but the Colby test. You can do them with small kids, now you can do it later when they’re older as well. It’s not expensive, its about 50 euros but a valuable information. I do the Colby test myself and I got a kind of entrepreneurial pull-up detail. I’ll find out what my cover details. You may take a look at the screen here, as you can see my own Colby test right behind me. So when you’re watching this, maybe Colby test right there.

This is a vital information, I think the Colby test is so accurate and I don’t believe in these tests for in some ways because, yes, you could say this is you’re just picking things and it’s telling you about you pick so you could pick different things.

Jordan Peterson test was put up as well, I’ll do anything for anybody but when I’m going towards goal, I will push other people so there is a lot of truth to what came out of that personality test as well. I think this is just things that you need to know about yourself and I think your kids need to know but you knowing yourself is so important and so vital. I do really think you guys need to do this. I’ll have links into both underneath and they won’t be affiliate links but if I could find links up for 10 minutes and take a look, they do what I don’t but I really be useful, use it for your team and really useful also for your kids. Take a little bit of the secret video underneath about Steve Jobs education, it’s right underneath this video.


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Are home schooled

Are home schooled

Why Am I Doing These Posts?

Why Am I Doing These Posts?
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