August 14

Skills Kids Don’t Learn at School


There were talking about a number of things that were useful for kids to learn. One. I was talking about typing super, super important to someone reading. Third thing, which is Photoshop. I’ve been teaching my own kids for a shop. Now we are in a pandemic right now. So I’m working from home, which gives me an opportunity to teach my kids. I don’t want to waste this time. There’s a number of things I want to teach them about wanting, which I tell them really, really important that it’s very, very useful to them.

So very, very simple. I went to the Skillshare for the great courses. Great courses on it. And there are many courses. It depends on your learning style. If you’re willing to go to the course, get your Evernote, just take notes as you go through. Obviously, if I just listen, then it’s not so good. I found the same about audible. Audible, I think is great. But I think with audible, it’s great because you can clean the house while you listen to a book. But the issue is that really on the second listening, third listening, you need to be sitting there and taking notes.

You probably need the actual book in front of you as well. I’m trying to see if I have, I have a book here and you need to Mark the book and take notes. If you really want to learn something every day, if you’re just doing it for entertainment, that’s fine. But getting back to Photoshop, the boys do Photoshop and I didn’t have a lot of time with them. I needed them to sit down and do it themselves, which they’re not going to do at first. You need to sit with them partially. The whole thing is they want to have time with you. So you need to sit with them at first, just like reading. You need to give it a month where you sit with them, going through it with them, showing them we have to listen to the course, and then let them learn it on their own eventually.

So most of the courses are great. I’d say you have to find a good course. I’m learning how to write a blog, which is a great course, by the way, and I let them learn Photoshop. You just need to sit with them and do it with them. Initially for at least a month, maybe two months you gauge it, you know, your own kids. But I found that today in the last few days of the first day of college, I stepped away because they’ve been doing it for a while. They’ve gone through like lots of the sort of modules and a half, which is a very, very long course, actually.

But most of the time, I chose the gospel more than half the modules and I have dinner with them and they’d be great. I know what is really surprising and shocking to me is that they are sitting down themselves. And while I’m working, I could sit down and work a lot too. I’m so busy right now. I can sit down and more going do my work. I haven’t had an office now, but if you don’t have enough as you can use a kitchen table, if you need to do that or, you know, the table in the bedroom and not a desk away from me, I can see what they’re doing and I can see that they’re concentrating. And the other thing that’s great is I said, you know, work together guys. And they’re working together. They’re working together to teach each other.

And they’re really cooperating, which is amazing to me, real teamwork and a really bonding choice. That’s amazing to me because I notice when they’re doing things like they’re playing fortnights or other computer game, it can lead to fighting sometimes, and sometimes kids can battle each other and you don’t want that necessarily, you know, part of life to some extent as well, but you’d like to avoid it if possible, but I always see them when they’re sitting doing the Photoshop, if such good teamwork, to help each other out. And there, so they just seem so happy and so connected. And they really feel it is like a bonding, which was a shock to me. And it’s a shock to me, how much to do and by themselves now they won’t do it at first. You can’t just say here’s a course. See you later. I don’t want to, maybe it depends on you. You, maybe your kids can, but from my experience, I haven’t been able to do that. But after about a month, two months you gauge, I was about a month for me. they will just start doing on their own and that’s beautiful. That’s beautiful to say.




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Are home schooled

Why Am I Doing These Posts?

Why Am I Doing These Posts?
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