August 18

A skill kids don’t learn at school


I said a little bit about reading already. I’m going to say some more. Now something happens when you read. You should be reading to them, maybe even younger. I don’t know, but I’ve done both. I have read from an early age and also not read from an early age with different children. Now I know the ones that are bred from early age, where do really, really good readers now really good readers. And they enjoy reading. And it’s about spending time with you. It’s about having that connection and having some time with the dad or with your mom, whatever, whatever, just situation, just talking with dad, because it’s just what it is. We can do my experience. So for damn, a lot of it’s just having some time with your dad and having that connection feel the connection with the right now D but what happens is funny, interesting happens because when you read it first, it’s really boring.

They’re going to read. Every word is going to be work for them and for you because you have to listen. So what I did was paired read nothing to reading this brilliant. They probably talk about it and lots of books and all that kind of things. We’ve got to look it up, It’s really simple though. So you read the page, they read the page, you read a page, they read a page. There’s more than one kid. You read a page, they read one page. This kid reads another page. You read the next page, fairly simple. And it was just really tough to start just like editing. If you’re doing an exercise regime and you’re starting off, it’s gonna be really, really tough to start.

You’ve got to feel worried about it. And it’s exactly the same first. It’s really, really slow. Every word is going, gotta be work every word, but if you keep it up and I’m not saying every day, I worked full time, so I just couldn’t do it every day. It was impossible. But I tried to have, you know, that half an hour before I go to bed. So sometimes I’m just too tired. And is it that wasn’t a bad goes by yourself, but is it a days where you, you know, you have 20 minutes, so you can sit down and read a few pages of a book, any pocket. I only ask the few pages. It can be one page. It doesn’t have to be a large. And of course it’s going to be really difficult when he started going to.

Every single word is going to be work, but something magical happens. One day, you wake up and you going and you’re reading again. And you suddenly realize that reading really well out of nowhere, it happens slowly. It’s like a tide coming in a one minute. Tide is out next, but at the tide clubs comes. So when you suddenly realize, Hey, the written really well, and you’re actually enjoying the view, maybe you’re enjoying the story at this stage. And you’ve also found that cause my, my reading wasn’t quite, I wasn’t a big reader. I love learning things, but I wasn’t a big reader before I started reading with my kids. And I was reading with my kids. I started to enjoy the process. And now I’m, you know, reading all kinds of books. I have this one of the moments just to add this in front of me, but it, doesn’t the story about reading this.

And I’m also what I’m really reading now is think and grow rich and rereading think grow rich, which is great, I’ll talk about that in a video, but it’s magical overnight. They start reading. They start actually reading instead of trying to work at every word. Certainly, they’re now working on every word. If they’re breathing a story and a story is interesting and there’s a lot of weekend stories are really interesting. I might put some links in the description here, and if I could find how to be an Amazon affiliate and you can go in and I might get like a couple of cents of each book or something, but if you don’t want to get, just get it over with, because it’s a great, really, really great story.

So you’ve got to put in the time, it might take a month. It might take two months. It might take three months. It doesn’t matter. Don’t be one worrying about when they’re going to get them when they’re not going to get it, but you’re going to wake up one day and just good readers. And you’re enjoying the stories they’re reading to you. You’re also enjoying the story that you’re reading, because it’s going to be paired reading, and they’re going to read a page. You’re going to read a page or whatever you want later on, and you might want to read two or three pages. They read two or three pages, but it’s, and really, and it’s just magical. And it’s so useful for them later on. It’s good for thinking. It’s good for being able to compare things quick, which I displayed, but not being able to get a word that I want to say.

But it’s good for the tinkering overall. And to be able to read and reading feeds into the writing later on, that you can read about and you can write well, it’s really, really important, and that it helps them in doing business. If they’re going to be businessmen they have t to be able to do business writing. You’re also going to want to be able to do research, which is really important. It’s important that you can read and write down what your what’s on your head. And also when you’re just studying, it’s good thing to read and be able to take good notes, even in a meeting, being able to be in a business meeting, being able to look at the person, listen to understand what they’re saying and take notes. So you remember later on what needs to be done, it’s all super important. So just wanting to go through reading really quickly. I think reading is, is super important and it’s something that it’s the second thing I have to typing over to typing already after typing for me, it’s the most important thing that the kids need to learn.


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